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At best I am trying, but the universe will ultimately decide if I succeed in revealing any part of it. It is, at the least, a worthwhile way to spend my finite existence.

CT is a language – and no system, no language, no symbolism can encompass the whole of God. By nature, structure is finite; God is infinite. We use structure and language in our hope to unravel truths that lie beyond it.  And what could possibly be more noble and worthwhile than that?

God is not in the structure we use to unravel truth, but rather, in the need to do that in the first place.  The ‘Muse’ that lures us to understand the universe is the voice of God, singing to us, giving us a reason to wake up in the morning and take the next step.

In that sense, the journey is more important than the destination.  What really matters is that this journey invites unity, friendship, communication and inspiration.  While you strive to capture the workings of the universe, the rest of us gather round, developing a language together. The inspiration is contagious, magnetic. And we are all bonding over this, and learning more about each other and the world, whether or not we are discovering something essential to humankind.

So, best case scenario, you unlock the secret to the universe; worse case, you lived a passionate life and inspired many people. What could go wrong??

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