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Ah, the agony of Ti! 😮 I know it well..

The impetus to encompass all the nuance of a phenomenon into a conceptual framework is indeed futile, as is the ideal of complete accuracy. As you say.. it’s not really possible to put God in a box. Quantification of a phenomenon ultimately leads to data loss, sadly. And with our finite capacities, we are never guaranteed to conceptualize things correctly in the first place. Yet it all can end up in worthwhile progress.. and what else should one do in this absurd existence but follow their desire and seek satisfaction?

My own dogma nauseates me.

loll Sometimes it seems like you’re too hard on yourself ^^; CT may be approximate and incomplete, but what hypothesis isn’t? And as far as observations of psychology go, it’s the best attempt I’ve seen at quantifying the way human beings interpret reality, as well as providing a coherent explanation of the causality behind the type’s different perspectives and proclivities.

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