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You posted something similar in the old forum. Something that ended with wanting to go to the mountains and watch the sky. 🙂

I think doubt is very important. It is a sure sign of seeking the truth.

All people have the same core. At a very deep level, it is the same. So, you can see humanity as diversified, which is true. But functions are just at manifestation level. At core level, everyone’s soul is the same soul. And the same with the Soul of the World. Or the Spirit of Humanity, how you call it. You can find the same gods and demons in each soul.

And you will find greatness in everyone because everyone is magnificent at his core.

But seeing how each person manifests that greatness is possible and necessary. A sort of moral imperative, I think. A duty for the person who can see it, who can discern.

You are not putting God in a box, you are classifying his manifestations. You can do this and therefore you must. 🙂


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