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“There will be an ethical quality to their pursuit which manifests in a valuing of neutrality, honesty, authenticity and clarity. Lack of neutrality, honesty or lack of clarity will be sensed as a transgression; one which they avoid in their own behavior and which they may also depreciate in others”

I wasn’t a part of the original discussion… so I’m going off this quote being what the discussion is about…

If you relate to this from a Ti standpoint, I relate to this a lot from an Fi standpoint…. since you finished with asking how an Fi would see this… I have strong morals and values… but as far as my feelings swaying how I handle a discussion or explanation or deliverance… I prefer to be open to the other person’s perspective, at the very least… I think it’s easier to be closed and adhere to what helps you to feel grounded… but I don’t find that in my feelings… I have feelings… I have curiosities… I have a want to know what’s going on in other people’s worlds and not to inflict my own before understanding someone else’s…

so there’s that.

I don’t think it’s a matter of functions, however… there are opinionated and impassioned people all over the place and of any type.

Finding someone open and available for discourse and understanding is not so easy…. nor is it easy to find people able to listen without injecting their own ideology. I don’t think that’s the aim for Umbi or Jelle…

Passion is different from emotion. Emotion is not devoid of logic. Logic is not devoid of emotion. Nothing is devoid of logic… BUT logic AND/OR emotion can be used to reason anything… wether right or wrong…

The ethics lie in the pursuit, intention, and the resulting responsibility to maintain such in further dealings… in my opinion

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