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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

Your story is really touching, @Animal !

To be honest, I’m not sure if Se has more of a trajectory focus than Ne. I don’t have that much of a trajectory focus and I am SeFi.

I did study hard to become a lawyer and I put a lot of effort into it. But I am also pretty much open to any alternative that would be decent and bring a similar income. 🙂 So I don’t have to remain a lawyer for life or even to remain in this field; I would do something else if I saw any better alternative.

But I am focused. I can become obsessed of stuff. I just usually get obsessed about stuff that has nothing to do with my career. 🙂 And I couldn’t make a career out of the type of things that make me obsessive…because usually what gets me ticking is somehow on the spiritual side. Or has very little practical use. Like once I got obsessed with what the order of the Major Arcana in tarot meant. And I was reading everything about it. Tarot history stuff. And arranging and rearranging the cards on the floor. You know, like a lunatic. :))

And I couldn’t make a career out of this type of stuff. At least not in Romania and not having the family and the background that I have. I can’t say it would have been impossible, just that it seemed very unlikely to happen. And I am pretty realistic. So I decided to have a normal job, try to obtain a good income and to have enough excitement at work in order to not feel bored…and well, explore the stuff that I liked in my free time.

But since I am quite focused on what is happening each moment, I sometimes lost focus on the type of things that bring me in obsessive state and became more focused on work. 🙂 Though my job is, as I probably mentioned before, not a vocation. But it is pretty exciting and has fun parts. And I can focus on it and work on improving myself and on learning more legal stuff. It’s just that I still can’t see it as a..calling.

But it’s not as if I would dream all day long to do something else and I wouldn’t do it…I have no idea what else to do. And my job is pretty good compared to most jobs. I am collaborating with very nice people, I am being heard and respected, things change all the time and I have to adapt. I’m not highly fascinated by legal issues but I enjoy the general atmosphere, the action, the tension, the urgency, the focus, the revising, yeah, it’s not perfect but it’s good, it’s a good job, I would be ungrateful to say otherwise.

I think maybe you are more trajectory oriented because you are actually more J than P. Because you have two J functions developed and only one P function. Do you think this could be the case?

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