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  • Type: SeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

@Animal – I never had major quarrels with friends – only minor issues that got solved easily.

I never had any projects together with friends. For me friendship means exploring the world and each other’s feelings together. I don’t expect many concrete actions and I always keep friends completely separate from work. Work is work, friends are friends. Mixing them up could lead to entanglements I don’t really want.

But I have a totally different type of job and I do think that it would be very good for people who are together in a band to be friends. Just in my type of job, I don’t see this as a good idea.

I do get along very well with some of my coworkers. We go out, we share secrets, we have fun together. But I don’t let it really go to very close friendship level.

Now, what I did want to point out was that actually in situations when you want to do something serious together (like working on a project) maybe being more similar is more useful and I think this should be taken into consideration too. Some people have companies together…or kids. :)) And this whole thing should work and being similar might help it work (this is why I was mentioning Te).

On the other hand, being similar is no guarantee for being right or doing the right things, as both could be wrong together and reinforce this by similarities.

So, my opinion at this point is – there are very serious pros and cons for both like attracts like and opposites attract. 🙂 So maybe one shared axis could be optimal (as a general rule) and there are exceptions depending on what you want (more free exploration or more coordinated action).

It also depends on context because if I developed Te, since I have 90% Te talks at work, I don’t think I would want this at home too, even with, I don’t know, a gamma, like a TeNi. So if an axis is overemphasized at work, having it overemphasized in your private life too could be frustrating even if you’re much into that stuff and also have nice differences.

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