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Shelley Lorraine
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So reading one paragraph which has multiple interpretations, implications and considerations can be arduous to “grasp” and can cause hours of thinking about “how it fits in” with other things — indeed. Yet this is still real-time object-manipulation (E), cognitively speaking.

oh no no no, I have no trouble with reading comprehension. Or rather, I tend not to be as interested in the authors intended meaning as in my own interpretation, which leads into Ji concerns

But that said, I was aiming for an example of introversion, not of introverts, since as we know we all have access to our four functions, and having a conscious Ji function would trigger the same experience.

I require a new example since my ji interferes with this one and Eric’s native introversion has no interest in such text pondering ;p He says he absorbs it all as one big picture with no need to pick it apart. He considers all the implications as well, but does not need to pause reading to do so – perhaps this is a conductor vs revisor thing rather than intro/extrovert?

How would most people describe you? (i.e. antisocial? hermetic? …or.. bubbly when she’s comfortable, stiff when she’s not? ;p)

What reputation do you have amongst a group of people?

Depends on the group/context. As a kid, I was pretty consistently reserved, but weird. I’d have rare and sudden bursts of confident energy and do crazy things for attention. I had no problem walking up to a guy I saw for the first time in my life and asking him to a school dance. But I also ate lunch alone until my senior year, when I finally obtained a lunch group. I was hyper self-aware and felt too different from everyone to make longterm connections. I was surprised to find out later on how many people even remember me from those days. I’ve obtained a few facebook friends who seem to think they knew me really well and I hardly have a memory of even sharing a class with them, lol.

I said in previous post that I wouldn’t have minded more interpersonal connection back then, but I was so entertained with other things in general that I didn’t always feel the loss. It’s only as an adult that I began to seek out people with a purpose. I suppose friends became the next novel experience to be had XD

Currently, in new groups I can be alternately reserved or boisterously obnoxious upon first meeting. It really depends. In my pagan group, I hardly spoke at all the first few months, until finally I did a complete 180 and began to act as if I have been an active participant all along. People noticed. I don’t do anything gradually. Once I decide I want to do or be something else, I put all my energy there.

In my new book club, I was saying hi to people walking in after me as if I was a longterm member welcoming them to the group. But I can still have reserved days even after making an extroverted entrance.

Oohhh, one last thing of note…

Now that I’ve began exploring friendship more seriously, I’ve run into the complication of maintaining said friendships. I still have hermit phases. I can be sociable for months and then suddenly feel the need to retreat from the world for months. It’s really hard to explain this to new friends, who tend to think I don’t like them anymore. I have a very on/off persona. It confuses people.

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