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How would most people describe you? (i.e. antisocial? hermetic? …or.. bubbly when she’s comfortable, stiff when she’s not? ;p)

Actually, yes! I think the description is kind of similar to what's in the brackets. Some people at school tell me that I'm pretty cold, reserved and weird when they first meet me. I think that has to do with the way I school my expression into something more cold, so other people will not be able to see who I am and how I feel. Furthermore, I don't really initiate conversations. Kind of like Jaiden, I avoid the store employees and try to find whatever it is I need myself, haha. I think I'm afraid of potential reactions the other person may have if I do converse with them. I think my voice tends to be quiet as well when conversing as some people have already pointed that out, hoho.
My parents tell me that I'm anti-social and that I stay at home too much. They often compare my current version to my younger self. I think I was more sociable with my family and friends when I was younger. But one thing hasn't really changed: how I acted in school. Ever since I started kindergarten, I became a bit reserved because I didn't really know anyone there and was too afraid to talk to anyone. To this day, my teachers still write that I'm very quiet in class, that I work best in small groups and that I am not a risk-taker. My parents and tutors tell me that I can overthink in certain situations. They say that "IT'S GOING TO BE FINE" and that I'm "GOING TO BE OKAY," haha. Oh, and my friends say that I can be sort of outgoing, but that I'm also becoming more reserved each year? I think my social anxiety is getting better though.... I'm not too sure. :p
Hoho, I hope I kind of answered that question?

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