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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Unseelie

“Whereas if it is a Ji or Pi function handling the data, the task is to weigh the text against either a paradigm (J) or a worldview (P) for coherence, harmony, and personal resonance. In the case of Ji, the text (after being properly comprehended) poses a personal challenge to the subject — “is that true for me?“, “where do I put that in my castle?”. The subject resists the object (the idea) if it is opposed to the subject’s understanding of reality or themselves. So there may be paradigmatic reconstruction & reformatting needed if it’s allowed integration. Like having a firmware update. Or it may lead to rejecting the idea and the update if it fails to pass the filter. The same happens with Pi if the postulated text is incoherent with their view of life’s unfolding narrative.”

do i have more jipistuff-things going on than i thought. how do you even read a book otherwise? <_< oh damn

Okay! I’ll steer things back with a followup question:

How would most people describe you? (i.e. antisocial? hermetic? …or.. bubbly when she’s comfortable, stiff when she’s not? ;p)

most ppl in-person describe me as cheerful+nervous+weird. and formal. although that’s all mood-dependant, i think that’s a great combonation to start with. i play-along with the weird cause im aggro. strangers tell me im assertive,wise,happy/carefree spIrItUaL MagIC etc. like srsly they walk up to me to tell me that.
im friendlyneighborhoodspiderman who also interrogate everything that move. great with kids but butt-heads with anything else.
i live in a village as a farmer/resident-gaia-goddess so im counting that plus whatever group im working with or around at the time/wider internet circle. i adopt ppl quick/temporarily but have very low interest in interaction otherwise (bah humbug), as i said beforehand. getting involved without getting involved-involved.
though wanting to teach usually behind something.
physical issues keep me from things a lot but that doesn’t stop megaphone + get other ppl to do stuff for me + i make up for lost time.

i’ve also been called hostile,distant,impatient (all of which i agree with), but i’m just gonna focus on the positive here.
words that get thrown around,

What reputation do you have amongst a group of people?

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