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How would most people describe you?

People have always kind of described me as antisocial. My mother and siblings always accused me of it, probably reinforcing my perception of myself as “antisocial.” I have always considered myself to be an introvert, and didn’t doubt it until being typed under the CT model.

When the social anxiety wanes, I find that I have no problem interacting with people. I rarely go out of my way to talk to anybody, and I suspect that I normally don’t seem very approachable (blank or unsettled look on my face?) but I’m always willing to engage with people or respond to them, although it might take a few minutes to “get on the same frequency.” I’ve been told recently that I “really know how to work a crowd” so obviously I can be charismatic and sociable when I want to be, and can even manage peoples’ reactions and perceptions to a fairly significant degree. Others have noted that I can be physically/facially expressive sometimes when I’m engaged or happy (i.e. bouncing my head around, humming to myself, etc). I tend to have a very lazy/relaxed/chilled-out presentation unless things get particularly tense. Really the primary social issue that I have is when my unexpected/irrational behavior confuses or irritates people, as I often have trouble listening, or don’t want/don’t know how to behave in an “appropriate manner,” or my thoughts get jumbled or mixed up.

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