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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

ETA – lol, I just noticed I’m not the first to respond to the book example first XD

Heh! I’m glad the book example has been picked apart – as it should be.  Shoot, I realized now I was way too general with it, but now I’m seeing in what ways. I can totally see how reading for an Ne-lead would be like that too. I suppose the nuance I was trying to capture could be summed up in the “why” of the pausing, where Ne (the function) does it more because of:

  • Overthinking
  • Reviser doubt / Confusion
  • Ne divergence

As we see in Jaiden Animation’s example, she overthinks about real-life scenarios all the time. A lot of things in reality don’t make sense, and there’s plenty of time spent in open-ended pondering. And then the mind goes into adjacent tangents to try to “make sense” of it excessively. So reading one paragraph which has multiple interpretations, implications and considerations can be arduous to “grasp” and can cause hours of thinking about “how it fits in” with other things — indeed. Yet this is still real-time object-manipulation (E), cognitively speaking.

So the point I was trying (failing) to make is different. What you guys brought up seems more related to reading comprehension and in “making sense” of the text itself; what the author meant and how it’s to best be interpreted. Whereas if it is a Ji or Pi function handling the data, the task is to weigh the text against either a paradigm (J) or a worldview (P) for coherence, harmony, and personal resonance. In the case of Ji, the text (after being properly comprehended) poses a personal challenge to the subject — “is that true for me?“, “where do I put that in my castle?”. The subject resists the object (the idea) if it is opposed to the subject’s understanding of reality or themselves. So there may be paradigmatic reconstruction & reformatting needed if it’s allowed integration. Like having a firmware update. Or it may lead to rejecting the idea and the update if it fails to pass the filter. The same happens with Pi if the postulated text is incoherent with their view of life’s unfolding narrative.

But that said, I was aiming for an example of introversion, not of introverts, since as we know we all have access to our four functions, and having a conscious Ji function would trigger the same experience. FiNe ll– and NeFi ll– would both have plenty of both Pe+Ji experiences going on, each of which can apparently cause pausing/thinking upon reading, now that I think about it.

(Oh gosh I totally derailed things… I wanna stay on the topic of NeFi’s)

So yeah, I’d love to answer other questions as well!

Okay! 🙂 I’ll steer things back with a followup question:

How would most people describe you? (i.e. antisocial? hermetic? …or.. bubbly when she’s comfortable, stiff when she’s not? ;p)

What reputation do you have amongst a group of people?

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