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  • Type: SeFi
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“Cognitive introversion is the lack of engagement (withdrawal) from the object, whatever kind of object it may be. It is a pull away from reality and this includes the many substances (not just people) that are found within it. So to give a behavioral example, cognitive introversion might seen in the act of reading a paragraph of a book and needing to sit there mulling over that paragraph for an hour to try to grasp how it fits into one’s existing framework or shapes it in subtle ways”

im still working-through stuff from books i read 2+ years ,ago to get it to “fit right” and things i’ve watched/experienced from god knows how long back trying to “fit” it into life. (generally similar topics – “HOW DOES THE WORLD WORK?”) . i’m doing biblestudy atm and have been picking that apart for a good-time now. mainly to get a better view of another set of books i read/crossreference.

i’m not sure i have the right words to explain this process, vocabulary isn’t great (always trying to improve, so give me a bell if you got anything helpful regarding that)

also i don’t think i have social anxiety (i did when i was younger), im just very impatient/disinterested and want to get straight to the point of things. i can play-nice but i’d much rather just interrogate and get things and go.

in silence im usually considering the implications of what is being said (wellbeing , common sense , the “right direction)”, “what page are we on”, “whats the plan” etc, how many asses do i have to save today, mindful of errors and useless/frivilous ventures

not so much of a talker as far as that [social] goes, unless i can do/advise something about the situation, or playing the temporary social-role (bring everyone together and get stuff snowballing/organized into something – the cheerful smalltalk, or i will entertain myself as you are prolly familiar with :P)

“Extroversion would be the act of breezing through the whole book in a few hours due to being “engaged with the object”. “

here can relate, trying to find specific information either reference material or a question to something that needs answering with “missing piece” of information, something i’ve been working-on for a while, i.e. particulars on religious/spiritual (world-physics?) or historical/myth settings/groundwork of which learning, diagnosing an issue (biology,medicine,permaculture,animal-care,psychology and health in general), always built on something, i’m really unsure if this is Fi or Si or something else

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