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January 21, 2019

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Nice videos, can relate.
I know so many NeFi person with the social anxiety! They think they are introverts. I also was one of them. I thought I was an "introvert" for a long, long time until I found Vultology and differentiated my anxiety from my cognitive extraversion.

What’s it like having a combination of natively proactive energy, but difficulties interfacing with people?

From the early age, I was an active child - mentally, not physically.  I liked to paint, to play musical instruments, reading, especially encyclopedias, writing, composing scenarios and role-playing... I liked gathering children from my yard and give them roles for my plays. I hated sport and I lacked the ability to put everything into action. I had lots of plans and ideas for our prom and even wrote a spectacle for our prom, but they thought my ideas were unrealistic and silly so I preferred to stay quiet. I learned to stay quiet because I wanted everyone to perceive me as a realistic girl with realistic ambitions. Meanwhile I liked to participate in fantasy competitions and I won all of them. They liked my fantasy and absurdistic-funny writing style. Comedy, Satire - those are my writing preferences.
I tend to adapt on others ideas too and I find everything possible. I rarely say "No" because I honestly find this idea very realistic and know exactly how to make it happen, but I also need validation from others. and motivation. Maybe it's the weak side of my personality. I don't have many friends, but I have 1200+ "friends" on Facebook, 97% of them are just acquaintances. I'm quite shy and timid, even with my friends. I have difficulties communicating with people, so I put my rich mental energy into artistic and creative activities. I have my typology society in my country and have intellectual, mentally stimulating relations with the crowd more than personal ones. So yeah, I'd love to answer other questions as well!

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