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Thanks Auburn – that’s helpful. I was wondering what the point of temperamentsĀ  was, considering any type could be anything.Ā  The only temperaments that come close to suiting my focus in life are INF and ISF, but INF wins by a long shot, considering the type of abstract interests I have. I may not be as delicate and fragile as the description says, nor do I talk about philosophy in abstract terms, but my entire life has been focused on dedicated self-searching, soul-searching, discovering the meaning of life, and seeing into other people on a deep, primal spiritual level.Ā  So if temperament has any meaning, it would have to be INF for me.

But then I wonder – are we talking interests or temperament?Ā  My life focus is INF – not ENF, as it’s very deeply personal and internal – but my temperament is not over-sensitive, delicate and fragile. To be fair, I am one of the most sensitive people ever, but I charge in to fight for what I believe, and petty arguments are dust off my back.Ā  In deeper ways, things stay with me forever and get explored down to the wire on a soul level. People across other forums typed me as INFJ and sometimes INFP in the beginning until better descriptions of Se started to surface; I was the only one insisting on ISFP because I related to Se/Ni on a functional level.Ā  But I’m really not a sensualist as much as a spiritualist in my interests; even if I clearly express those interests using sensual and physical artistic cues a la Se dominance.

This is why I wondered what temperament even means.Ā  Is it how you seem in the eyes of others (in the case of INF – quiet, subdued, fragile) – or is it where your focus lies (in the case of INF – soul searching, self searching, meaning of life and identity, etc)?

Is it about ‘what you deeply care about and explore; a life focus’ or ‘how you seem as a person, as in fragile vs. tough etc?’

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