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  • Type: FiNe
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  • Attitude: Seelie

@grockl I agree that if you upload your mind, it would cease to be you. Also, death is what gives life its value. If we bypass that inevitable end, what is lost of who we are supposed to evolve to? I personally believe that we can’t outrun the inescapable. We must pass through these stages of growth and development to complete transformations. If we attempt to avoid that which must be experienced, we become stagnant beings. The mind is the ego/jivatman, our Atman will continue to grow and blossom. The ego/jivatman being stuck in an simulation wouldn’t hold your spiritual being/Atman as it is never incarnated. The Atman would receive what it was supposed to learn, even if jivatman made a silly choice to get stuck in a simulation. I believe there would be a cost to pay in future incarnations since we didn’t pass as intended. Important growth comes from the process of death, for us and others and it cannot be avoided. Besides, on a practical level, it would be fun for a short amount of time, but the prospect of ages in a simulation seems horribly pointless.

One thing that makes me uneasy about CT is the dipping into mental health territory since it can be detrimental to people who aren’t in a healthy place…and that’s all of us at one point or another. When discussing these maladaptive strategies, there needs to be a lot of sensitivity, education and awareness…and this is not the appropriate place for that. (@grockl I don’t mean you in this paragraph) There’s so much we don’t even know about the human condition and how it impacts people. I’d trust a forum of professionals over speculation. That being said, there may be correlation/causation at play between survival strategies and innate personality types, but it would take actual open discussions with professions to parse that out and not the context of CT.  To my knowledge, this is an interest of Auburn and he does not have a masters or doctorate in psychology or the like.

As for the article, my stepson is able to communicate his feelings. They just aren’t there…it’s actually a very unfortunate diagnosis.

I know people who are disconnected from their hearts, and so far many of them have been Fi leads. They are lovely people who can’t see themselves as they truly are. They seem to take an abuser relationship to themselves, which is really sad.

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