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Just read through this again, and I think I may be able to give some insight into how R enacts self-change, but I kind of have to formulate my thoughts first.

In the mean time, it’s interesting you mention a self-help writer using that “true north / true self” strategy, because I’ve read very similar self-help stuff with a very similar message!

Lindsay C Gibson has written a couple books on how to heal, grow, and satisfyingly interact with emotionally immature parents and with emotionally immature people in general. She has also written a book called “Who You Were Meant To Be,” about “finding and getting back” to one’s most natural talents and purposes in life, or what they are most effective at, or what they maybe sub-consciously want to do. All of her work has the theme that along the journey of life, we are constantly distracted from our “true self,” or the self that we actually are, but may not be living out. These distractions and diversions can come in the form of dogmatic parents trying to form you into what they want, or emotionally immature people who demand all of your emotional energy and time, or just a culture that does not encourage us to seek and live our true path. Maybe life just gets in the way, making ends meet, or maybe you just aren’t very good at sensing your inner self and your wants and needs.

I hate to harp on this again because I’m sure it’s annoying at this point, but this is all super aligned with humanist psychological theories. Carl Rogers and Abraham Maslow specifically BOTH reference a “weak force” that always points us in the right direction, that cannot be destroyed, but is difficult to hear when there are other things demanding our attention. One must either be supremely aware or supremely secure with little outside worry if they are to hear this subtle flow of one’s inner river pointing the way toward fulfilment. In their minds, this was very aligned with the concept of self-actualization, a concept which the humanist psychologists had sort of coined and studied very deeply. The act of becoming one’s self.

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