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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Seelie

Honestly, my feelings aren’t a consideration when weighing options of how to proceed with an action. For me, I look at the big picture and work back from that. What are the overall needs of the group? What resources are available? What is the likelihood that the resources will meet those needs?  Who’s in charge? If me, how do I get everyone aligned in working towards a goal…how do I reach each different person and get them to buy in? Etc. My feelings don’t really matter…and not in an upset way…more that they aren’t the point. Putting my feelings to the side comes more easily during the active part of planning or strategizing goals for a group. During and afterwards, a feeling may pop up from time to time, but it is secondary in the process. I lean towards being as objective as I can be in that I will not allow my opinions or preferences to override the group…oftentimes I won’t even bring them up unless they add value.

As for empathy, I don’t have to actively engage, or even imagine myself in another’s position…I just slip into feeling their exact feelings with them. If they are crying, depending on my relationship with them, I will cry along picking up on their outward feeling. I think a lot of discussion around empathy needs to be looked at in the context of healthy boundaries as well as how someone experiences empathy. There is a lot of overlap when boundaries are blurred or someone is prone to anxiety, depression, etc. This is a tricky area from my vantage point. Additionally, nearly everyone has empathy and usually use it a few different ways (cerebral, relational, mirror, etc.)  The Fi entry talks a lot about this type having extreme empathy, but I don’t think that’s true. Also, it is usually attached to the Fi leads/aux person’s feelings and experiences, which create an unintentional bias.

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