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Hi @cedar. Thank you for chiming in.

I agree with you that science can’t pick up on everything we experience. There is this quest for immortality in science and one of the ways some think we can extend our life is through mind uploading. That is something that I know isn’t possible based on fact that if someone copy your mind into multiple minds, each of them will have separate consciousness and that doesn’t compute as the unified “you” you’re currently experiencing. They all might somehow be connected to each other to create some sort of a hive mind. But the possibility that they might not, has principally shattered the possibility of mind uploading.

I have heard about Advaita Vedanta but hasn’t dived deep into it yet. It’s an interesting concept. Our memory plays a large part in how we may experience consciousness. If you take those memories away, what’s left will be pure consciousness.

Regarding your stepson, I’m sorry. Are you sure it’s not just that he doesn’t know how to convey those feelings? This “disconnection to heart” has indeed been mentioned by Auburn in Fi Behavior page Alexithymia & Dissociation section, I just noticed. I have experienced this too, Auburn eerily describes it with so much accuracy. (Except maybe it doesn’t feel “unnatural” for me. Permeability is unnatural.)

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