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Well, I will most likely continue lurking in the shadows, but little introduction won’t hurt.

What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?
I was in the need of a new nickname (because the old one was too common) and at the time into football (or soccer, to differentiate from the American egghand). So I took the names of two players I liked (Rooney and Agüero), put them together and voilà, norse godlike name was born.

Where are you from?
Czech Republic

How old are you?
Still having a slim chance of entering 27 Club. Though, that is for famous people, but if I die in some bizarre way that everyone will talk about 🤔….

What’s your gender?

What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

I was into MBTI, heard about “Calypso drama” and this site was mentioned. I liked the “hard” data based approach, so I visited from time to time.

What did/do you type as in other systems?
Never talked to experts (or “experts”) so based on online tests and descriptions of functions, somewhere between INXP and INFJ (mostly INFP), or its equivalents in Socionics.

Then I realized that Ji-dom doesn’t really fit me and coincidentally joined CJ/QG Discord server about that time. There I was typed as unseelie NeFi l-l- (with slight chance of being polarized SiTe) and that somehow fits with my other observations.

Enneagram-wise – 5w4- 9w8- 4w5, sometimes I doubt order based on my mood or day, but “5w4 sp” is the most consistent one.

Do you have a partner/lover?
I got into anime 2 years ago and managed to finish about 300 of them to this day. I am sure you can extrapolate my social life based on that….I f*ck like a beas….

Do you have any kids?

Do you have any pets?
Soon to be 13 years old as*hole (read “cat”).

Life motto?
Many and none at the same time. I guess “Live and let live” encapsulate me quite well, but I have the same expectation of others, so sometimes its “Live and let live!😠”

Favourite Flavour?
Too much of anything becomes “boring/sated”

I believe that spirituality carries some profound messages and its worth exploring, but in the “archetypical” way, not supernatural. So, atheist to the point of not believing in God(s), afterlife or soul (and hoping I am wrong about the last two).

Random fact about you?
I am a big music nerd, especially when it comes to metal/rock (I also ended up being member of two bands), always searching/exploring new (sub)genres/bands/artists. If it fits at least one criterion of Melancholic/Dark/Atmospheric/Weird/Original, there is a big change I will like it.

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