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The frontpage of the wiki ( ) has been updated. Now it shows a sitemap as well as a recent changes log below that.


The sitemap will offer a more immediate navigation experience to articles of interest, without needing to dig into sections to find anything. The sitemap also has the double benefit of outlining Models 1 and 2 side by side. As you can see, Model 1 has far more articles written on it. I’ve also qualified Model 1 vs 2 more clearly at the top, stating that Model 1 is ~95% complete while Model 2 is only ~15% complete. So it makes sense to use Model 1 for what has not yet been covered by Model 2. I think I was far too ambitious last month or so in wanting to just jump ship to Model 2 right away, when it’s not fleshed out enough yet to prop itself up. So, as I explained in other posts, for the time being the two models will co-exist. This sitemap will hopefully make that coexistence more visible.


At the bottom of this page we now have a recent changes/updates sections. For those of you who like to track CT’s progress, that might be of interest. New pages will show up there when they are made, as well as edits to existing pages.

Hope this is an improvement for the user experience! And as always your thoughts and feedback are most welcome. 🙂

Sidenote– I’m working on the Codifier 3.0 right now, which is why video submissions are closed. It should be a much greater product when it’s finished, and I’m excited to show it. 🙂 I’ll try to get it finished asap. Thanks for waiting guys!

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