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Is this a similar process to the kind of casual background brainstorming we do in daily life? For example, if you think to yourself, “what do I want for dinner?” Is this an actual generative process of figuring out what to eat, or is there a list of things we know we have in the cupboard that we explore and splice together into a meal? I suppose this is different for everyone and just one example, but I guess the overall question is this – when we have a large (or infinite) range of choices between equally viable options for something, is it a P+ process that “finds” the one to do, or is a J process involved too in order to find the “right” one?

Also sidenote, could that kind of mind-palace example you described be used in CT interviews to guide someone into using their P processes? Instead of asking general questions, an interviewer could ask an interviewee to preform specific mental tasks like guiding us through their childhood home, or describing what their favorite band is and why, or describing what kind of person they think they are!

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