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Remnants: I won’t leave chat to concentrate on other things, as this, will try be more… Focused.

I have been reading a bit on CT, and giving it a trough look, not just the “applicable”, but all parts, I know sort of what is going on. Natively, I seem fully conscious Directive. But while my core personality is, a male directive, and my signals display it, I am emotional, permeable, and got an open heart.

My emotions are a bit hard to explain, especially since this is a bit different than what I perceive as usual, but what I feel, experience, do happen; for Directive girls. But probably not many of them. It’s a bit as having an empathic, and caring empathy. Wanting to care, but with a Directive attitude. Nurture. I am able to pick up on things, and intuitively knows the feelings of others and can be moved and cry of a movie, etc. I am emotional, and a bit “permeable”, up to just knowing things, with no apparent means to do. I just let it in; always. Googling old forum, I see pics of, say, Alerith. I’d pick up on her emotions, in same way I’d see them on people as Animal or Bera, even in the pictures of Alerith struggling. And neither is it Gender based, since I let in energies from men, so I can let in energies from people like, Auburn or Alexander.

But this require an love, and an open heart. Building an attitude. I struggle a bit with notions this is not common, and hesitates showing me, the true, me.

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