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I’ve been searching for an answer to this since I were 18 or so, and never truly got it. Empathy, and, my understanding of it. But here is my experience:

Basics is, my lived experience is being described as a bit chill as a person, placid. There is two experiences I need to explain, to get my experience across, though.


First is my experience of etherealness, it is not something one can explain, only live it, I have randomly felt a bit open, but this is subordinating my feelings for others’, and when this happen, it basically slowly, saps energy and emotional power, until I looses some of my judgement of thought. It can be fun, since it goes other way too, loosing yourself in others (literally), and that can be quite fun. If it goes on long enough, in bad environments, my exterior ability to emote slowly evaporate and vanish, leaving me without energy. In worst case I more or less looses some ability to emote and show expressions.

The thing is, I never truly loose my feelings in those cases. But, my true empathy is not the empathy of being abused, hurt, or maimed by others. And I got no clue to the origin of this, in my case.

It is the empathy of caring for others. I know, I do not seem a deep feeler, when this happens, but this is when I can say “no”, claim someone is foolish, or be logical. Be strict. It’s a deep feeling, but also quite rigid, and truly empathic. It’s the part of me which never quits, never give in, have all the patience in the world, if there is a purpose, a hope, I can keep on. I always assumed this was an introverted “Function”, but, I think it is a mix, but really shows itself, if I talk to people.

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