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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Reference data and the ethics of the system, ie; the ethics of the type store model. The ethics is.. The only “issue”

Right. Regarding the ethics, this is also being addressed now since, as explained in this post, Model 2 will give out “vultology classifications” that are as-is descriptions of a person’s vultology, without necessarily making any direct claim about the implications of what that means. The implications will be addressed using supporting data, and that data can be debated based on the studies linked to it.

So in the future, a person won’t be “typed” NeFi from visuals. They may be classified as Proactive-Fluid-Candid-Suspended (PF-Ca-Su), which are strictly visual categories. From there, they can debate what that means about their psyche, and CT will present its argument, using statistics/etc, for what we believe it to mean.

My… True nature is more.. Ethernal SunChild, not depressive at all. If I hit on enough bumps, I can still start showing some (Flat affect, whatever it’s called now), and get more lifeless, but perks up in a day or two.

It’s curious that you should say this, since Delta NF’s (FiNe and NeFi) are literally called Etherealists in model 1, and Pe-leads in particular are Eternal Child (Puer Aeternus). So “Ethereal Child” would be the mythological name of the NeFi.

I… Just, look de-energized when I speak foreign language and I am a bit timid, and need to seriously consider how I adress this in future, since I need it. Therefore I got desperate and tried do anything, and… Typology!

As for you making note of your specific situation having signals obstructing your analysis, I’m not sure what you mean because it seems to me that you were not typed according to the “obstructions.” If you were mistyped according to obstructions, you may have been typed Ti-lead, due to the stuttering you experience when converting from one language to another. But that isn’t what you were typed as.

The biggest down, is not liking suddenly stopping while talking, break up, stottering, appearing lifeless when I know I am not

Right. But again it almost seems like you’re making the reverse argument. If you were typed as TiNe, but felt you were actually an Ethereal SunChild at core, who is in essence radiant and energized, and perks-up back in a day or two, then that would be a problem. If you were typed as Ti-lead, but you felt that was an error because you were stuttering more than normal in translating languages, etc, then your argument would make sense. But you were not typed Ti-lead, etc. So I am wondering what you think was the error here? If anything it seems an ‘error’ wasn’t made here, when it may have.

Online I got a bit undercover, and becomes anything.

Shapeshifting and taking on caricatures is part of the Ne behavioral profile, and it actually isn’t something everyone can do. One might think that being a shapeshifter would mean their type is unidentifiable, but actually, very few types are shapeshifters, and the shapeshifting tendency itself is a point of identification. 🙂

Signals of Psychological Toll

Anyhow, I also wish to say a bit more about your psychology if I may? You are right that you seem weighted down. According to the current theory, we’ve discovered that development of lower functions is proportional to a level of diminishing from the lead function. In other words, development level seems to be a zero-sum situation, so that being NeFi ll-l would imply that libido energies are leaving Ne and going towards other processes. This causes something called integrative toll. I describe this by saying that such developments are a little masochistic, and they are associated in the database with higher levels of fallen affect.

In short, it is wholly possible that you are over-modulating, because of some personal or life situations, and are not in your most “normal state” – and this is causing you bodily stress. In fact, that’s exactly what your development level and fallen affect level would suggest. So I think your reading was actually very keenly in harmony with what you have been saying about yourself. You describe yourself being in an altered state of stress during the video making timeframe, and that deep down you are an Ethereal SunChild — that’s another way of saying over-modulated NeFi.

If this makes sense, then I would propose to you that CT actually *is* capturing your psychology, including its nuanced circumstantial conditions and stressors (since dev level is about nurture, and type is about nature — and a reading attempts to account for both). I wonder if this makes sense to you?


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