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@gnosis – Right. Thanks for that, I agree with you here too!

That was a missing detail on my end. I’ve changed memory to st-memory (short-term memory).  Short-term memory would just entail the current objects loaded into awareness right-now. P+ doesn’t search in long-term memory, otherwise it would basically be a P- function too, and make P- redundant. Instead, P- is the one which is given short-term memory objects and tries to match them to prior narratives or landscapes in long-term memory, involving that object, in order to provide spatial and temporal context.

This is what allows for an object to be recognized with more sides and angles. For example, when we observe an object we’re only ever seeing it from one angle, and the angle is never exactly the same twice. But if, when we see an object, P- recalls all the angles that the object has, and its placement across time, then all those other angles are loaded into awareness too. This means that, theoretically, if you just had pure P+, an object would enter short-term memory just as the static front-facing graphic that appears before it, but as soon as any change appears in angle or lighting, it would appear as a new object.

So a pure P+ experience, that is never echoing P-, would be dazzled at every new frame/angle of their perception, of even the same object. And indeed, when an object is totally unknown, we usually turn it around to scan all of its angles anyway. Kinda like how spatial mapping software does so, to account for object occlusions:

Our capacity to look at an object and infer the occluded elements is part of P-‘s participation with P+. And that’s what prevents us from revisiting them every second.

Anyway… yes, I think this is better. And it’s pretty much what I meant, but I wasn’t very clear on “memory” in that post, so thanks!

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