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Exactly, but, note. for any cooperation I think any Uni or College employee willing to try it; would have two concerns. Reference data and the ethics of the system, ie; the ethics of the type store model.

The ethics is.. The only “issue”, outside of my musings on how you can be sure you are not producing proof of INFJ doom or something equally weird.

I am not disappointed about my typing just… Amused. It’s like seeing yourself typed as your favorite roleplay character, or consept. As being typed as your online persona, which is fun, but weird.

I feel bad about being honest, since my experience in life has been up and down, one down I posted on in chat, and my reaction to it I think is similar to a friend of yours, and I am happy to say I have crept out of my shell, and started working on being me, again. My… True nature is more.. Ethernal SunChild, not depressive at all. If I hit on enough bumps, I can still start showing some (Flat affect, whatever it’s called now), and get more lifeless, but perks up in a day or two.

I…  Just, look de-energized when I speak foreign language and I am a bit timid, and need to seriously consider how I adress this in future, since I need it. Therefore I got desperate and tried do anything, and… Typology!

The biggest down, is not liking suddenly stopping while talking, break up, stottering, appearing lifeless when I know I am not, and have got told again and again: Can’t you smile more? Be more happy?

My parents might have wished me having more energy, and be more active. I never were that extroverted, and any Ne lead always have that energy. It’s not an illness, I can run half marathon, it’s not emotional issues, since, It’s just me. Online I got a bit undercover, and becomes anything.

Also be aware if you have any issue, and show any of the Ti signals, doctors start think Autist spectrum immediately, that count for any TiNe, or Ti conscious, trust me. That is one reaction you will get if you try publish this.


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