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I would like to add my own view of Ni in contradistinction to the computational Vortical model presented here. I thought the descriptions of cyclical, spiral, and tunnel were descriptions not of Ni, but of Ni processing Se experiences, which as a Pi function is to reprocess experiences (that is why memory is so important)but it’s not Ni “globe” itself. The mandala seems to me a mixing of Ni and Ti imagery (because of Ti’s crystallization)  and Jung had Ni-Ti and he thought the mandalas where representative of his psyche, which we know is Ni-Ti 😆. Web description sounds like someone with Ne-Si describing their Ni (meaning, they don’t have Ni and they aer just describing their Ne-Si).

Ni looks to me more like a globe with a sea of refracting, reflecting, waving imagery; a small globe of playing a clip of imagery of an “experience” is Se data, I see it coming to the globe to be integrated; deep within the sea of the Ni globe, the small globe is “composited” with similar “experiences” (“aspects” of the whole big globe) (in a cyclical (or spiral, if you add “time”) fashion, meaning it’s reprocessed again and again and again). As the small globe of experience is integrated with other experiences it looses it’s “globe” boundary, and disperses into the big sea of imagery of the big Ni globe.

Formally, I would say this happens in a way that is illogical. Computationally, you would have to have a kind of probability based fuzzy logic, where it is possible a unit “becomes” more than unit, it “becomes” a “whole,”  fractals can be used for this, if we can reverse engineer it: “A self-similar object is one whose component parts resemble the whole;” now if we can do it such that we can assimilate a unit to a whole’s component parts AND the whole assimilates to the unit’s component parts AND do this while the whole is in a sea of fractal flux, that would solve our computational problem 😆 . I think that would happen during the cyclical processing stages and the whole memory system would have to have probability based fuzzy logic running it, meaning it be pretty unstable every time, making “guesses” about its “wholeness” as a data structure every time (I’m uncertain about what “every time” means, it could be every second or every minute) . I guess you could really slow this down so that cyclical processing of a unit into its/a whole and what that whole is could be really, really slowed down and it can be more therefore be more stable at the cost of time to see it changing.

I don’t know how to write this notationally, I would have to look more into fractals.

, It differs from your vortical model because it looks like your V+ points are causally linked, keeping their V+ data integrity outside of the “wormhole” vortex, which makes them conjunct into V- lines which also look causal, creating a cycle of causally linked objects except when they are in the wormhole and reach a state of unity. However, I see the state of unity in Ni  as a whole in it’s data structure, V+ would need to assimilate to V- and V- would need to assimilate to V+ and the “links” connecting processed V+ data, would need to be in flux. It would have to look like links broken and reconnected and V+ data “undulating” (appearing and disappearing). You would also have to name V+ data to indicate they are dispersed in different parts of the globe. V+1 connected to V+356 on one part of the globe and V+1 connected or disconnecting to V+34 on another side of the globe (or to simplify, V+N and V+(N+1) to signify an infinite amount of V+ experience/data). The whole globe and its data dynamics would be V-. And notation to signify assimilation, connection, disconnection like dots and lines could be used.

Thas it. Let me know what you think.

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