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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Added sidenote!

Auburn’s recent post on libido got me thinking on something else not quite expressed in the original post – that every aspect of the personality has a pull, a need, a libido, that needs to be fed and met, and our lives will be less confusing and difficult if we can acknowledge the needs of our various functions. This is easier thought about and said than done, as rejected functions (dev stage -1) have a strong negative connotation in our moment to moment thoughts. It requires a sustained effort to actively engaged in or just consider and contemplate aspects of life that are maybe antithetical to your core philosophy or lifestyle. Bringing a function to a neutral level though (stage 0), may help you understand what needs your lesser-understood aspects have, and we may even learn new things about ourselves as we explore these libidos. If we don’t, they will meet their own needs in ways outside of our control and awareness, and we may be surprised to learn that we act in ways that are different than how we think of and know ourselves.

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