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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll-l
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I know, and apples do not turn into oranges. But… Both me and she, do same thing. We both do that kind of thing, so she’d be 100% Se conscious in some way or shape, and “flips” if both our basic types are correct.

Forget my rethoric, in “CT” this is 100% about the Pe-Pi axis, in some manner. But this causes feelings, real, physical, feelings. Energy. It has nothing to do with the Ji-Je axis in CT, more, the energetic toll of real life. Can be the model 2.0 will show this as a hundred percent natural phenomena in some kind, which would not surprise me in any way, but, I as a person, got no way to explain why a grownup can turn etheric, or flip stack and extrovert and be stupid silly, etherically float and take on others ideas, emotions, to the point it is possible such persons can be dancing on tables.

I.. Got some thought about this, I might discuss in the chat 🙂

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