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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Seelie

I do know what you point to, and, usually I’d agree. My sense of Fi, though, is this here:

Unlike her, who do Act Oposite Emotion (ie: she larp oposite emoitions to fix this), I counter this by not doing anything, but just plod on, slowly returning to a normal me again. You and Bella know how I look in sponge mode, the other vids are not that. This, as far I understand, is not, as I orignally thought, an product of function development (source; the vid/person), and what I describe is not, an function development. My experience seem to be identical to hers, so, the practical consequence is it cannot be an function.

The practical result is equal to typing someone directly after being in an abusive relationship for weeks, then do typing of a video some days after the person has been abused. Thought, last year was horrible for me (everyone around me sufferent mental breakdowns), I have never been different, and this probably is some unresolved issue, from deep back in my psychology. As in the video link.

The girl in the link, seem to think some of her Ti signals is EDS/Dysautonomia, which certainly is not the case (due to this being… A personal puzzle since I were around 10 year old, I looked at EDS ppl in youtube, no casuality or link between function and disease), some are pure Fi, baseline Se or Ne is everywhere (as YT producers), etc.

The underlying interest is an illness I do not suffer from, since I am not having issues; It’s others around me. This is the reason behind the issues, and I assume reason behind my Sponging. Which is an survival tactic for victims, abused, developing superpowers, often kids growing up with drug addicts or alcoholics can do these kinds of thing, the grown kid, always ready to do anything to assist an annoyed parent, to not getting hit, or abused.

This, is my curiousity about jungian typology, and curious puzzlement over etheric Fi, and my puzzling discovery of incoherent descriptors and odd jumbled ways of juxtaposed typology systems, as the plethora of Socionics and MBTI “derivatives” failing in major ways. Do you turn Fi over being beaten or molested? I do not even know why I react this way.

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