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  • Type: FiSe
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I didn’t consider that my very viewpoint may have been a product of my typology! I suppose that is inevitable! Hahaha

Another cool implication of knowing our separate types is this type of interaction – where we are able to compare and contrast our own perspectives and learn from each other! It’s really wild to think that we may both process information in totally different ways, but that we may share those patterns with others of the same type. I realize that this is the very foundation of the CT theory, but it has some very cool possibilities of it ever makes it to the stage where it can be used in commonplace therapies. Group work could facilitate this type of perspective sharing interaction, and mediating techniques would probably greatly benefit as well.

Of course, I guess it could work the other way as well. Instead of inviting a deeper possibility for mutual understanding, a commonplace knowledge of the basics of CT could invite stereotyping and writing people’s behaviors off as trivial examples of such and such function, or such and such type. The integration work I mentioned before would be important for us if we ever got to the the point when a typology system was commonplace knowledge, because we would have to accept our more rejected aspects in order to trust and value people who we know to have those aspects in themselves.

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