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  • Type: TiSe
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Hmm, when you said self-integration I thought you meant developing functions (aka them becoming conscious and having some form of control). But I think what you are saying is rather becoming aware of oneself wholly in one’s current state (knowing that you have unconscious Te and becoming aware of what that means in your life and how it contradicts with your Fi. I think. Yes an I see I missed that part: “We all have constructs and ideas about reality that are base to our personalities, and their general idea was that through therapy we can begin to untie those constructs and falsehoods and begin to not only live in a clearer Reality shared with others, but also begin to live as our true selves. Integration of our own rejected functions would mean something similar – we wouldn’t have to rise them all the up out of unconsciousness, we would only need to accept that they are a part of us.”

Hmm I thought you were using CT cognition demarcation too, because I would say Ji is your “true self” process, your compass, that’s what it signifies as a process in the psyche theoretically. But you include “true self” as the whole human experience,  not just the process of  one’s identity process (Ji) but you include  your unconscious Je process too because its part of your whole experience as a human and you are saying that to be self- integrated means to be aware of every part of that experience.

You also see therapy as a self-ware process, where it does not indicate any psychological issues, but as you say it is “mindfulness.” While I thought you meant therapy as in where people go to therapy to heal life problems and therefore need help navigating their psyche.

I would say that what you describe sounds like heavy Fi self-reflection of human experience; it’s very Ji, searching for self.

My experience as a Ti user is different. It’s hard for me to have a sense of self without interacting with other people and mimicking or comparing their behavior to mine(Fe) I ask myself, did I do something wrong, should I have done this instead, should I have smiled, should I be more nice? (I guess this is Fe self-reflection).  Otherwise, I’m just analyzing my experience in my head. It’s very calculated, but once I established boundaries with people and became aware of myself as a person through relationships, with self-analysis of my behavior and my response to my emotions, I have a better feeling of who I am.

I guess we still have a long way to go to understand what type is and its experiential/phenomenological differences.


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