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“You are horrid, indeed
a remnant of abuse, of inability
and your pleas for nonexistence are valid
because you shouldn’t exist
you never should’ve existed, my suffering..”


“But none of this is true unless you make it so.
I know this because I am the you who loves them self
that’s how it ends, you turn into me
it’s not death you seek but transformation..

A realization of truth, of your own humanity”


“I tell you, in resisting love you have created a demon in your heart
jealousy may be your greatest torment
the lie of your inferiority has become your obsession
and so comparison of yourself to others is your Achilles’ heel..

But what you seek, it’s not in them”


“You are divided,
desperate for your own love yet repulsed by it
desperate to escape the pain yet perpetuating it
confident of your lack of self-confidence
longing for death yet resisting it”

The Fight to Live

“It all cancels out and you’re left numb
at the edge of the void with broken questions
running loops in your mind like a rat trapped on a wheel
shell shocked in the face of meaninglessness..”

The Compromise

“When you’re ready, you can be free from the confusion
you always had that power
the power to return to yourself in the present moment
the power to reclaim your sense of worth and exist in your own right.

When you’re ready, I’ll see you on the other side.”

Once the heart is pierced and the poisoned blood is purged. Life restored.



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