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That’s really cool, @auburn. Maybe I can try them out soon too, seeing that Singapore which now has debuted lab meat is close to where I live.

Now that you said it, I agree that lab meat and veggie meat will form a dynamic duo. I disagree that lab meat will only be a bridge to transition to the other option. As I said earlier, there are still other uses for animal flesh beside for human consumption… It can also be used for pet food, farm sanctuaries where the animal in question is a carnivore, but not even only this. Our reliance on animals run deeper. We use animal’s DNA for vaccines and drugs and we also rely on animals for experiments, testing, and such. But I guess we can eventually find alternatives for medical purposes and rely on advanced computer models for lab testing in the future. Hmm… Okay, those could be done.

What I’m not sure about is market behaviors towards animal-derived products. In fashion industry for example, even though we already have alternatives to fur, down, feathers, leather, etc., they’re still available and people do buy them. I guess the only way for this thing to be eradicated is if it’s brought into the court of law as you suggested. As to is that necessarily what would happen once these alternatives become available? It doesn’t happen with fashion industry, so how can you be sure it will be made illegal for food consumption? Maybe climate change will drive the effort towards it.

By this point, I seem to be answering my own questions. But if you had better explanations, I’d be happy to hear.

I’d love to live in a future where this does happen though.

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