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The degree of a signal would  be interesting to quantify.  I always think of the guru (Osho) at the front site of the website as typical Ni as he has extremely hypnotic eyes.   And it was part of his persona not to be shaken by anything but just sit there at his throne and make politically incorrect jokes about religion and other delicate subjects, which could be seen as the behavioral counterpart to this strong signal.
Thinking about people I know in real life that have very heavy signals of some sort, I am reminded about someone I know who have very angular movements, with plateau velocity to a degree that is a caricature (he would not be a good ballet dancer). And this is reflected in his psychology, he is so ‘mechanic’ oriented that this too is one of the first things one notice about him.  He is the kind of guy who have strategies,  often like if it was a militarily battle, for anything, could be how to approach a woman which is not where he has his greatest successes. Point being that there seems to be a correlation between the amplitude of signals and psychological traits.  A lot of signals belonging to a certain function doesn’t necessary make that person a typical user of that function.  It can be rather hidden in his/her behavior.  But is it possible to imagine someone with the amplitude of Te signals like Trump not to be highly directive and  insisting?


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