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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Seelie

Ok, I’ve thought a bit, what is going on, is simply loss of direction.

Working on getting someplace, I decided to build myself, so to say. Shape my destiny. What happened is a mix of physical exercise, studying, being more helpfull and talkative, and shaping my destiny. I started be more extrovert, and getting out.

From being a “loner” posting 2 posts a week on forums, I started be more active, real life as “online”, got more energy. From being someone having enough to deal with myself, I started looking around, and tried be there for others. Extroverting more. I still is far from a “practical” person, as say, my father has been, always walking around, building, doing things, working on practicalities. I’m more inclined, or have become, a bit more people oriented, though.

What drives me can be explained as an inner ego, a will, a desire for something. Be, grow, be enough, work with something worthwhile, and not just give in. I were simply overloaded. Exhausted. It is not Ji which I described, but a total loss of Je.

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