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Normally, they are all pretty balanced, but I can modulate to focus my Je.

This question I answered neutral because it is not mutually exclusive to me. What is right in principle is also what is necessary and practical, it’s the consideration of both holistically that makes a higher principle more true. Otherwise, the “right principle” ideal stays at a low level of conscious manifestation, a blueprint without material. Its manifestation is a process, not an end it itself for itself. Sadly, principles usually stay at low level bickering over the blueprint and from that we get philosophy, rather than a kind of scientific-instrumental testing of principles beyond physical phenomena. Isn’t about time people trust Ti-Fe users with testing out their principles of social collective governance? We are so behind in this respect, that our nations, especially the U.S. , lack any social cohesion. It seems the argument against this is overstepping on someone’s individuality, yet we see individuals get depressed at the loneliness when such disasters, like the pandemic, occur; or over generational issues like the millennials and their lack of purpose, dealing with their suffering individually with no help. Animals in the animal kingdom do better than us lol as a natural, collective helpful group. Our systems are so Te cold, many people end up alone, suffering in silence their existence. This is not sustainable for our evolutionary growth, people are just going to keep wanting to give up on life the harder we “Te” expect more of ourselves individually and fail to meet those expectations more and more.

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