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What is your name? Or the story behind your alias?

It’s…my name.  Yep.  I debated creating an alias but I don’t really have one currently, I’m just trying to be me.  Figured there wouldn’t be a “Rochelle” on the forum yet so why not.

Where are you from?

Northeastern area of USA

How old are you?

Old enough…I guess.

What’s your gender?


What got you interested in Cognitive Type?

Stumbled across it because I was frustrated with the MBTI-derived type labels being unnecessarily convoluted.  Wondered why we didn’t just go by the first two functions, since it’s the same number of characters and a lot more clear… Was curious to see if there were any systems or theories out there that referred to the types that way… Googled “NiFe”… Found!

What did/do you type as in other systems?

The first test I ever took in my teen years: INFJ (I doubt it was the official MBTI but I honestly don’t know. It was online and you needed a login key to get access to it.  All you got at the end were “the letters” with percentages of each one.)

From all the various freebie assessments: INFJ. Second most common result: INTP.  I can also get occasional test results of INTJ, INFP, or more rarely E or S types.

I have gone through the process of rediscovering typology after a 10+ year break from caring about it.  First I worried that the whole thing was useless because I had always typed as INFJ but very few “INFJ” authorities online resonated with me at all…  Discovered that mistyping is a very real thing (well, duh!) and that going by test results alone is prone to error.  Had to wonder whether I was the mistyped one.  Dug through a slew of theories and tried my best to learn how to type by functions…  After all of that rigamarole as best I could tell I had to be Ni-Fe-Ti-Se.

My whole attitude toward type was that I could definitely see proof of functions being a real thing, probably genetic, it’s not so much personality as neurodiversity, and surely there would be solid proof to identify them in some physical way, it just hadn’t been identified yet…

When I discovered CT via Google this summer I quickly stumbled across the codifier and the playlist of videos that describes exactly how to identify the signals it’s showing, and I was blown away.  (Poking around where I don’t belong but without those videos I wouldn’t have stuck around to explore the rest of the content of CT, so thank you for leaving them accessible to the public. And sorry?)  I had heard of the difference between a Fi and Fe smile, but with a few static images to back up the claims, and I couldn’t be sure I was interpreting the photos correctly.  And then…there they were.  Animated and explained and so incredibly clear!  And so much more!  Because of that proof I stuck around and kept reading.  I was struck by the CT theory ticking all the boxes of what I was looking for.  Of course I had to majorly rethink my understanding of the functions aaand question yet again whether I was NiFe or not!!  From my completely illegal self-training I’m 99% sure I’m using Ni-Se and Ti-Fe??  I couldn’t not try to figure myself out yet again, haha.  As of today I’m still pretty sure I’m some sort of NiFe creature even by vultology standards, and especially by the archetypes and behaviorism descriptions on CT.  But if I’m wrong I guess I’ll deal with it.  May as well be proven wrong sooner than later, if so.  Paying to be assessed isn’t an option currently so I feel kind of bad coming in here as a freeloader of sorts… I know the forum is open now, but still. I’m not asking to be typed for free, I’m just very much in the process of unlearning previous theories and wrapping my head around CT.

Enneagram isn’t a system that I care for much but I pin myself as a 5w4 there.

Do you have a partner/lover?

Yes!  I’m happily married.

Do you have any kids?


Do you have any pets?

Yes. We have a floof beast.

Life motto?

We’re all pink on the inside. Okay that’s not really my life’s motto, just something I declared when I was criticized for wearing pink once. Maybe now it’s infinitely curious? Too recent to be sure.

Favorite Flavor?

I have a terrible time choosing favorites of just about anything.


Yes, as far as having a spiritual interest and personal religious beliefs. “Spirituality” can mean different thing to different people.  I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and personally I really appreciate it when people get specific in defining what they believe.  So yes I believe in God, that the Bible is his word, and Jesus is his son.  I believe in creation but not that the earth is only a few thousand years old, that we are a soul, not that we have a soul…you can ask me anything if you want specifics.

Random fact about you?

I’m staying up way too late tonight but there’s ice cream and MST3K with my husband involved so I’m focusing on the good.

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