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A floating castle. In my case the Ji is the castle which might soar quite high with its ideals [Ne], but need the land for experiencing warmth, and feeling the human touch[Fi]. It’s not coldness or void of life, truly, not with its opposites in place, reaching out and providing contact with the human world. Without the opposite, it truly would be void. This is how I tentatively would explain being “permeable”, the outwards seeking heart of an floating etherealness.

I don’t know much about attitudes of heart but for me it’s nice description of Ne and Fi working together to create, a whole person.

Frankly, without an open heart, you would see something quite negative, an floating lofty idealism without being rooted in human touch. It’s not that metaphorical, if I go introvert without using the opposite, it really is a chilly place, and not liveable, so one has to seek out. If nothing else, reading a book, or chatting, writing diary, forums, etc!

I think for NeFi go extravert without using introvertion is a chilly place. Ne may feel as introvertion becouse how it work. Reading, writting, doing something out of personal interest is a something for Fi and the way to get out of Ne – staying in own head and – Te doing cold caltulations, and meaningless tasks.

If I were to explain my experience of what the opposite is, without the conscious castle inhabited (it being unconscious), it could be a common nice human, or a sociopath. It is, surprisingly, the floating ethereal castle of lofty idealism about the world which makes the extroversion grounded, and not just doing what the world needs to do, without any care of thought for what, who or where. Understanding this were a bit hard.

We can see sociopath mode when there is a loop between Ne and Te, and Fi being unconcious, disabled.

The CT system.. Is good, but the description, imagination and experiencing a thing is very different. In some ways Socionics is way better in actually describing, due to only being descriptive and omit details of common psychology, but therefore also being a bit more useful for recognizing what is going on. I know what Pi and Pe is, and the feel, the innate feel of the oscillations.

CT is good as theory explaining scientifically phenomenon of types as it is. I agree learning CT might be of some help but for self-developend and practical usage it falls shortly for now. But we can use JCF as psychological tool and people do it with success.

In my view socionics is more like spoiled hybrid of JCF, “CT”(with pseudo-scientific backbone) and sociology. A bad theory to put it simply.

As for NeFi – tention between Pe and Pi is a core source of ego drive and will be for the rest of the life. Pe is supressing Pi. Doing Pi stuff for Pe-lead is nessesary but at the same time it’s hard. The easiest way or a proper way get to out of Ne is Fi in this case.

“Cognitive” systems as MBTI is a bit broken, so the YTers fail to “find” their type, which, imho, is not a failure of typing, or self-discovery. But the system. If it’s broken enough, it hurts them if they “find” their true type

I think in the opposite way. JCF systems are by no mean perfect but can be great tools. But people fail in interpreting them, fail in typing themselfs and fail in self-discovery.

I think I will add somethin later but I am tired of writing.

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