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Perhaps I am experiencing active imagination because at age 17 i did hypnotherapy, and this probably opened up my subconscious and made it come out into my conscious mind.

I think to me it can be either beneficial or harmful, but overall it’s quite cathartic and fascinates me, being an imaginative, creative person.

Sure I have my moments where I see really dark, visceral imagery, but this is usually an indicator of negative emotions or life experiences that have recently happened.

I am a little hesitant to open my third eye and such, I’d prefer to call it my mind’s eye and I guess from a religious perspective I’ve been told it’s dangerous, which is probably true. But I also believe in prophetic visualisation and was taught to channel my imagination in that manner.

Are you speaking of Elijah the prophet? Very fascinating. I’ve always believed I was prophetic in some way, and it’s interesting that Se is linked to it, not just Ni which is something I always thought was prophetic.

I had an Ni dream once where I saw a third world war taking place in Asia. Very vivid scenes of war. But to me mind it may just signify a process dream or “pizza” dream, not all dreams and active imaginations have meaning necessarily. I feel these things are all linked to perception, it is up to our judgment functions to analyse it.

But thank you for your advice.

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