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@Rickus …how do I start. there is SO much to talk about.

One year or maybe even 2 years ago I started a journey of development and one of the main things I was doing at the time was active imagination.

I did not even know this was what I was doing and I had no idea whatsoever of the consequences.

Part of it was trying to see my functions as archetypal figures. Which Jung seemed to do too and described in the Red Book – I am pretty sure Salome was a representation of his Se, hence why she was blind or why she was together with Elijah, a prophet ! He did not even know he was an Se-Ni user, I think he thought Salome was rather connected to his Fe..? I might be wrong here.

Anyway, we can start from Jung, because, like us, he was an Se-Ni user. He basically was accessing this world where he met up with fully fleshed out characters, with their own personalities and voices. Who had a certain autonomy, right?

Of course this led to a lot of insight about the psyche and to one of the greatest contributions in this field if not the greatest.

But on a personal level this journey is dangerous, which he mentioned himself several times.

I’d argue it is more dangerous for Se-Ni users than it is for Ne-Si, but it’s simply based on accounts I saw from Ne-Si users doing active imagination versus ours.

Think about it like this (and I will use the old model because I need to understand the new one better in order to talk about it in a serious way and this is a serious topic).

The Se user will constantly be receiving a photographic feed from the outer world, and thus will have a heightened receptivity to sensory information, which can be both overwhelming when undesired and highly stimulating when accepted and honed.

The Ni user will be very graphic in their consciousness, thinking in visuals and representing the world through visual metaphors.

A different effect we often see in a distressed Ni user is a series of apocalyptic visions. They may experience nightmares, either when asleep or awake, vividly depicting scenes of war, destroyed buildings, massacres and the end of a civilization. And the Ni user may experience these sudden flashes with the same level of physicality with which they experience their waking life –making it difficult to discredit them as illusions.

And then, mixing Fi in, there is a certain focus on the biotic and, consequently, on nature.

Hence, our unconscious might present itself as a place of death and decay.

And what are we actually doing? Jung said it’s an alchemical process, we are doing inner alchemy. Parts of us are interacting with each other, like substances that get mixed together in a lab. And there are reactions. That we easily see presenting themselves as biotic. Which can naturally send us on a track connected to the food chain. One aspect of our psyche needs to “die” in order for another one to flourish and there is a metamorphosis and energy transmission going on. It’s very likely we will visualize this as creatures killing and devouring each other. Think about it…what way to represent this process could be clearer?

My visions were very similar to yours. There was definitely a lot of killing and devouring. I will give an example, a little girl in the moors attacked, killed and devoured by an eagle. This was not the idea of the eagle eating her, I could very well see the flesh torn apart, hear bones breaking, see blood spilling.

I think there are dangers in using this method and I would advise to thread with caution. It is traumatizing to have vivid inner imagery of this sort. You can dismiss it with “oh, it’s just images”, but these images have emotional effects !

I highly advise rather doing a meditation in which you are aiming to only focus on your breath or on the flame of a candle. Or on sending love to the world. Heart or third eye stimulating meditations. With little visual components. Because in the end these inner alchemical processes will happen either way. We don’t need to be there and see them while they are unfolding. We can do it and there will be tremendous insight gained, but there are risks on our emotional well being and the level of badassery needed to cross hell and get out of it whole and emotionally stable is really very high.

So, I am not a specialist at all but I’d say – acknowledge these are natural mental processes on a developmental journey but just let the engine work without checking it too much. We won’t see exactly what’s going on anyway, but only representations of it.

I went through this and it was a dark night of the soul with complete disconnection from the Divine and from my personal power and a very anxious, almost psychotic place to be. I AM wiser but I also lost innocence and see myself as forever touched by Evil, as someone who knows how much darkness there actually is in me. (hahaha beta ST’s reading this and cracking up)

So, was it worth it? Not sure. Maybe. But I would still not advise it. Breaking a leg can be an experience that makes you wiser but would I advise people to jump off a bridge and break their legs? Not really. 🙂

If you really want to do it, you have to at least be prepared for vivid, dark, visceral imagery with evil vibes and for short or maybe even long term problems like anxiety, paranoid ideation etc. Know it will not be a coincidence but a direct consequence of opening the gates to your unconscious and that you will need to handle this and balance the light with the dark with little actual help, as there is no clear methodology on how to handle temporary issues caused by individuation, as far as I know.

I can say Se volition does help. Se “trickster behavior” does help. Seeing any creature who appears as a foe as being ultimately supportive helps tremendously. We do have resources to navigate this place. But just because it can work does not mean it will, you know? So, be careful with this !!

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