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Hi Bera

So I had another series of visions and it linked up nicely to what you said about the fetuses being symbolic of my dreams.

Firstly I saw a vision of a mermaid, but a voice told me that this mermaid was dead. Then I saw a zebra and it was like small boys were being fed to this zebra, it devoured them whole.

For some reason I find parallels with my neighbours who don’t want me to sing in our neighborhood and the zebra eating the children. One time I sang in the garage and he very loudly shouted at me to stop. I stormed out and swore at him out of anger and shock. I later made peace with him.

I have read some dream dictionaries. The mermaid apparently signifies temptations, and a dead mermaid means overcoming temptation. But I can’t help but pity the mermaid.

The zebra has many meanings, but I feel like the zebra is almost like society trying to kill my dream of being a singer or of doing anything creative. I feel like a square peg forced into a round hole many times, out of place with society. If I conform by doing my usual job of teaching English (which I don’t hate, its alright) I feel unfulfilled. It surely brings money in, but my heart isn’t really in it.

I was definitely repulsed by the zebra eating the baby boys, but ironically it seemed like I was actually the one feeding them to the zebra. My mind is such a crazy place hahaha.

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