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 For Ji, the pillar against which one must hold themselves is the Self, or the internal aspect of the individual – action taken too proactively to attempt to change the external world (or express disgust about the external world) is restrained in the Ji conscious individual, because the fundamental assumption is that one needs to fix oneself before they try to fix others, and consciousness brings an acute awareness of the long pathway to perfection. Je on the other hand, is more oriented towards externally proactive organization, hence it is not the self that is necessarily the object of focus, but rather, the operation of things in general, including that outside the self, hence proactivity at suggestion for improvements (and activism).

I agree, Saf, and you explained this very well.

We still feel disgust though, even if we manifest it less (hence my flirting with the idea that disgust signals may be rather Te signals than actual Fi signals might very well be wrong, I am not sure). One of the issues I struggled with the most while developing Fi was I started feeling disgusted by stuff I was neutral towards before. This included certain foods and especially meat. There was also an explosion of the specific unseelie Fi inner imagery. Nature seen as a devouring Mother, I guess. By the way, I know when I developed Fi, because I landed here being I— and developed it under the influence of the numerous Ji leads and Ji conscious people who are active in the forum and chat. I dislike giving personal anecdotes as examples, since I am aware of the subjectivity involved, but I simply happen to know for sure the experience of an increase in disgust was simultaneous to Fi development. I remember joking at that time that a pregnant woman should NOT develop Fi during pregnancy. 🙂

I think with Fi it is mainly disgust directed at the Self though. As you see yourself as imperfect, flawed.

Whereas Te might experience and manifest disgust at the way things are organized in the “outer world”. And maybe there is a larger manifestation of disgust in Te conscious people, since it would serve Te’s purposes better than Fi’s.

Hence…I went back full circle and I am curious if the disgust signals don’t actually manifest more in high Te/Te conscious people. I specifically mean Fi 7 – Excessive Contempt. This is the disgust signal, no?

But you see, I say it would serve Te’s purposes better than Fi’s…I might be wrong here. Disgust may leak out like everything else we might feel.

I guess the question is – Do Fi leads/Fi conscious people who are not Te conscious tend to show many Excessive Contempt signals? Do Te leads/Te conscious people who don’t have conscious Fi show them as much or more?

It looks to me like a signal that would naturally accompany sassy emphasis and sassy head shakes or shoulder shrugs rather than cluster together with Ji and Fi signals, but I haven’t studied it thoroughly, it is just an impression.

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