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  • Type: NiTe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Unseelie

The way that I prefer to understand this is actually related the most to introversion and extroversion.

Je and Ji have one fundamental difference to one another. Both of them demarcate boundaries between idealizations of objects (or in other words, they formulate ideal personal values), hence both can be prone to disgust or anger at the internal level. The manifestation is dependent on what impact their orientations have on their expressions. For Ji, the pillar against which one must hold themselves is the Self, or the internal aspect of the individual – action taken too proactively to attempt to change the external world (or express disgust about the external world) is restrained in the Ji conscious individual, because the fundamental assumption is that one needs to fix oneself before they try to fix others, and consciousness brings an acute awareness of the long pathway to perfection. Je on the other hand, is more oriented towards externally proactive organization, hence it is not the self that is necessarily the object of focus, but rather, the operation of things in general, including that outside the self, hence proactivity at suggestion for improvements (and activism). The same applies to Fe and Ti, hence the Fe-lead activists and Ti-lead social navigators. Disgust, insofar as it is related to Je, could be the manifestation of the viscerally buried internal feeling through the process of re-organization (where I’ve found Fi conscious people are less prone to manifesting disgust, because of greater awareness).

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