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Yes ! Definitely !

I think unseelie shouldn’t be seen as insensitive. There are many unseelie and directive people here who I think are pretty sensitive.

It seems to be more about what each one of us is comfortable with and where we might have some shortcomings.

People tend to prefer seelie to unseelie and I think it might be because of the way the qualities of unseelie are described.



What about courage? What about honesty? What about not getting knocked down by other people’s opinions and criticism and actually fighting for your ideas and goals?

– let’s make unseelie great (again).

the unseelie person feels there is no excuse for something unseemly, amoral or cruel that doesn’t deserve to be excused.

Isn’t this justice though? Isn’t this fairness?

Opposed to mercy (seelie Fi)?

 Calloused at first, the unseelie attitude will be a very gentle and sweet presence to all those that can get past their initial barriers, revealing themselves to be a loyal and ever-honest friend.

You actually mention these points but why start with displeasure and disgust…and not with the positive side of it – honesty, saying it as it is, as you see it? I am not great at expressing these ideas and I only realized now, after more than a year, this is why unseelie Fi users are unhappy with the unseelie Fi description.

Of course since you contrast :

High Empathy – Displeasure and Disgust

Not that these are not real traits…just it sounds like you compare our best qualities to their worst qualities, you know? I’m sure you didn’t mean to, it just comes off like this.

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