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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: l-l-
  • Attitude: Seelie

Dear Bera. Your right Te can stand on its own. I am able to make logical arguments for their own sake and sometimes I value self sufficiency and getting the job done over person feelings (not that Fi is necessarily personal feelings but you get my point). It’s interesting to me that I have a developed Te because I don’t always find it easy to relate to it purely. I was mistyped as Te-Ni by another assessment similar to CT (though it felt like they changed many aspects thereof) and I just knew I had to be a Pe-Fi type at least, being very right brained. I have kind of had an aversion to Te personally and I feel like I need to reconcile that part of my cognition to myself, because when it comes to Te type things like science, math and finance I never really enjoyed any of it. Only through hard work was I able to pass my accounting class, but I always hated mathematics simply because I failed at it. Perhaps if I had done better I would have valued it more

But I do think I am very honest and frank in my speech. Despite wanting to come across as polite I do have foot in mouth disease sometimes haha. But its usually a humorous experience.

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