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  • Type: SeFi
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I also think a person’s emotional attitude plays a huge role in situations like these. Even though I can be very objective and logical when using Te in an argument, it is almost always emotionally infused, and I think this may be because of my Seelie nature. There is always an Fi agenda behind my Te I’ve noticed.

Hey, I used to say this too. But it changed. I can now have a purely Te agenda. Though my Te isn’t conscious. I can just want to be honest and say it like it is for the sake of it and I admire this in others and would like to implement it more and make it a stronger habit.

I think we tend to see Te very much like a “mechanical” function, an engine, a machine…But Te has its values. That are simply Te values. And they are deeply admirable by themselves, I think. They aren’t just admirable as a counterpart of Fi. Being a fighter or a doer or an achiever is admirable in itself. Not just as the protector of a princess in a tower.

Because if we turn it around, a princess in a tower is also valuable as herself, not just as the muse of a knight in shining armor.

Not sure this makes sense. Does it? :))

More love to Te ! <3

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