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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie


I had a dream of a boy but he was made of darkness, like a black silhouette. He had a single white eye on the left (his right side). He was hiding behind a wall. The closer I got to him the more terrified I was. I managed to wake myself up from this nightmare.

There are for sure some elements here that can make us think of both Fi and Ni, aren’t there?

The boy is made of darkness, which could suggest unconscious “shadow” content.

An eye is a pretty STRAIGHTforward (HAH !) Ni symbol. But eyes can be judgemental too, can’t they?

Hiding behind a wall…what could be lurking behind a wall..?

This if we choose to interpret the dream as somehow being related to cognitive functions, which seems to be an idea you’d like to play with and it’s for sure an idea I like to play with.

You connect the boy to your sexual orientation and this is an interesting interpretation path to take.

We might associate our inferior function with traits we reject though. And for sure we tend to associate them with sexuality. What else could represent a union/merging as well…?

I propose to go about it the good old fashioned Jungian way.

You said what you associate the boy with – homosexuality. And people would have thought this because of your Fi, wouldn’t they? Not your Ni. There is that.

What is it that you associate the eye with? One eye?

What about a shadow person?

There is this, by the way :

Shadow persons are frequent in dreams.

One important element is you were afraid. So, let’s Se.

Could you be afraid of your Fi? Why?

What about Ni?

What about homosexuality?

I am just Pe looking around though, I don’t know. Maybe we can explore it, if you want.

I LOVE connecting functions to dream characters and have my own Te harasser dream character. Soooo…

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