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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Seelie

To continue your castle metaphor, could we understand unseelie (heart unopened) Fi archetypally as a kind of castle with very high walls? Examples of this in myth may be the princess in the tower, Repunzel locked away by her wicked witch mother, which could represent the heart of Fi locked away by a kind of jealous protectiveness. Unseelie Fi can certainly be cold, but maybe a more morally neutral way of understanding it could be that unseelie Fi is distant, maybe a bit suspicious of the motives of others or protective of oneself. If seelie Fi at one end can be totally and completely vulnerable, open, and permeable, I think we can suppose that unseelie Fi could be a lofty floating castle of ideals that has realized it needs some self-protection. That can come across as haughty or cold, even mean and dismissive, but I don’t think it’s inherently negative in any way. I am certainly biased, however 

I need to use some casual daily terms, ok? Not Jungian terms.

It don’t work as that. For me. Feelings is extroverted, receptive. I always is, outwards. The ME is not always that visible, if all fails and life is hopeless, it’s what remain, the shiny beacon leading on. It basically mean the feelings get amped if pushed, and I am not that good at realizing it’s unhealthy. Not me. I understand I broke my typing videos due to something, possibly wanting to avoid being as depressed looking, or cold, as I perceive. It’s taken me some weeks now to realize that is wrong, and the chill me, is also the healthy me. The feeling, nice me wanting to help others.

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