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  • Type: SeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

As someone who has both Se and Te developed, I find this topic of anger vs disgust interesting. I think similar to what Gabriella said, I also relate more to anger, although I definitely have my moments of disgust. I am usually disgusted by what I perceive to be unfair in my environment, and then lash out instinctively and viscerally by shouting and verbally attacking the person (or at least desiring to do so, I usually only show my anger to family members or strangers in rare cases). Once I remember there was a really rude lady at a book store telling me and my friend to get out for no apparent reason. I became so enraged that I screamed F YOU, which was completely out of character for me. I couldn’t believe my own anger and assertiveness, it terrified me.

Even though my Te is developed, I have trouble with it when it comes to the anger part, because I cannot always revise what I want to say before it comes out like hot lava or like an avalanche. I have however learned to refrain from making comments on social media unless I really feel like it is deserved or necessary. Still learning when to wield my sword and shield and when to sheathe it.

I also think a person’s emotional attitude plays a huge role in situations like these. Even though I can be very objective and logical when using Te in an argument, it is almost always emotionally infused, and I think this may be because of my Seelie nature. There is always an Fi agenda behind my Te I’ve noticed.

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